Spellcraft's Themed Collections

Spellcraft's themed collections are a great place to look if your wanting to find different style types or certain fashion aesthetics! Find anything from Occult & Goth styles to Lolita & Fairy Kei styles in one of our collections!

Here's an overview of Spellcraft's current Themed Collections!

Neon Euphoria: Have a euphoric experience at the next rave, festival or club, dressed to the 9's with the Neon Euphoria Collection. You will find items with vibrant neon colors, psychedelic and trippy graphics, original designs from Spellcraft's Artists and the accessories to match. No matter what item from this collection you can't stand to leave out of your closet, you will look amazing and eye catching as you dance the night away to some sick beats!

Galactic Starlings: Calling all Space Babes & Alien Boys! The Galactic Starlings Collection is here to meet your every wish and desire to look out of this world. We pick items to join this collection that remind and inspire us of some of our favorite movies and aesthetics. Vaporwave, Future Punk, Space Grunge, and our number one favorite, 'Zenon Girl of the 21st Century', are just some of those! You will find holographic clothing, shimmering iridescence, bright colors and space print galore! Channel some futuristic vibes and check out the Galactic Starlings Collection!

Harajuku Runway: If we could describe Harajuku fashion in one word, it would be, EVERYTHING. Harajuku is not only a fashion style, but it a majorly influencing culture worldwide! The Harajuku Area in Japan is one of the fashion centers of the world and many styles western countries find to be in trend, stemmed off or were even created by Harajuku Culture's ever changing and multiple styles. In our Harajuku Runway collection, you will find items that come from many different styles of Harajuku Street Fashion. Punk, Urban, Grunge, Goth, Cosplay, Glam, Theatrical, and so many more styles, it will make your head spin! Come take a look. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Kaous Trappings: This collection is purely made of the dark styles of fashion. Kaous Trappings is greatly inspired by the Occult, Witchcraft and all the different Goth Cultures. This Collection brings you loads of apparel. Some of the dark styles you can find here are: victorian, vintage, 80's Goth, nu goth, witch wear, ritual outerwear, harajuku dark styles and creeptastic otherworldly fashion.

Kawaii-Chan's Closet: Do you love pastel colors, adorable patterns, uber feminine dresses with bows, lace, and frills? If yes, Kawaii-Chan's Closet is the right place for you. This collection has anything that can be considered apart of the Lighter side of Asian fashion and the American fashions inspired from them. This would include Sweet Lolita, Decora, Fairy Kei, Little Sister styles.

Kowai-Kun's Closet: Kowai-Kun's Closet has anything that can be considered apart of the DARKER side of Asian fashion and the American fashions inspired from them. This would include Goth & Punk Lolita, Dark Decora, Dark & Goth Harajuku, Visual Kei, Dark Fairy Kei, Pastel Goth & Grunge! You will find dark colors mixed with pastels, creepy-cute patterns, punk vibes and much more!