Spellcrafter Voice: You talk, we listen!

We want to hear from you and learn about your experience when shopping at spellcraft, using our website, and your cart/checkout experience! The Spellcraft team is eager to create the perfect shopping platform for our customers, but we can't do that without your help! 

Vote in polls, choose rankings, review products, take surveys and much more! Everyone who participates in any of those options will have the option to earn participation rewards. Earning rewards IS NOT REQUIRED. You can still participate in the surveys and polls without having to complete the required tasks to be eligible for rewards. 

How to earn rewards:

  1. Participate in ANY of the polls, surveys, rankings. You can also earn by writing product reviews (on our site or on social media), offering recommendations or suggestions to help improve our website, reporting problematic things and issues to our support team about our website and general user experience. 
  2. When participation in SVH Voice, register with/use a valid email address for EACH of the surveys, polls, etc. Use the same email address for everything that you participate in. This is how we track the CORRECT amount of times you have participated and can validate 
  3.  Join the Spellcrafter Rewards Program with THE SAME valid email address you use for surveys to get quick access to store credit. *Not required, but will make giving out rewards easier/faster*
  4. Each time you participate in any of the mentioned ways, you earn 1 point for completing the task. 
  5. Collect enough points for the reward you want and submit a reward request. You can submit a request by email, chat, page comment and DM on social media sites!

Reward Options & Point Ranking: 

  • 🖤 5-10 Points: 5% off Discount Codes
  • 🖤 11-20 Points: Spells (reward program points)
  • 🖤 21-30: $5-10 off Discount Code
  • 🖤 31-99: Spells OR  20-50% off Discount Codes
  •  🖤100+: Free Products 

How to use rewards:

  • Use code at checkout 🖤 5-10 Points: 5% off Discount Codes
  • Redeem at checkout  🖤 11-20 Points: Spells (reward program points)
  • Use code at checkout 🖤 21-30: $5-10 off Discount Code
  • Use code at checkout 🖤 31-99: Spells OR  20-50% off Discount Codes
  • Provide sizes/type of item ou would like/shipping address 🖤100+: Free Products