Spellcraft's Themed Collections Overview

Have no idea where to start when finding new styles and looks? If so, Spellcraft's themed collections are going to be a great resource for you.

We created these collections for those wanting to find different style types. Collections make finding the right product easy and fast, so you don't have to waste any of your limited time. 

Below is a list of all of Spellcraft's current themed collections and some information about what type of apparel you will find in them. 

Neon Euphoria

Have a euphoric experience at the next rave, festival or club, dressed to the 9's with the Neon Euphoria Collection. You will find items with vibrant colors, neons and black, psychedelic and trippy graphics, groovy fashion for a natural and hippie look, original designs from Spellcraft's Artists and the accessories to match. No matter what item from this collection you can't stand to leave out of your closet, you will look amazing and eye catching as you dance the night away to some sick beats!

Virtual Glitchin' Blue.2 Dress

In a virtual world full of shady data logs, mind hacking, and digital trips, Virtual Glitchin' is insanity in comparison! If you see a Glitcher, you'll wonder how the mods haven't kicked them back to the real world. Strings of data rain down from them as they dance to industrial beats. Each wave of an arm cracks and breaks the surrounding data streams. Everyone will agree, Glitchin' is crazy, but they all can admit it looks sick! 

 This radical design full of vibrant neon colors and dark tones, giving this dress a dark, yet entrancing look. The geometric shapes and futuristic laser lines draw you in to take a closer look. Bringing it all together, our glitchin' dancer is nearly splitting down his data seems! His body almost completely taken over by eroding pixels, and glitches!

Galactic Starlings 

Calling all Space Babes & Alien Boys! The Galactic Starlings Collection is here to meet your supernova level love for futuristic fashion!  If you love fashion and art that reminds you of tech, sci-fi, vaporwave, future punk and space grunge aesthetics, your definitely in the right place! Create your own fashion, fit for starship drivers, alien babes & boys, meteor miners and the ever fashionable, galactic starlings! Find holographic fabrics, shimmering iridescence, vibrant accent colors, metallic monochrome and space print galore!Fulfill your desire to look out of this world and check out the Galactic Starlings Collection!

Black Luminous Iridescent Geometric Bookbag- Galactic Starlings collection-Spellcraftvh.com

Geometric Sequin Holographic Backpacks

This geometric book bag shimmers with laser rainbows and others shine with a metallic glint! It's soft to the touch, has secure back straps and has an inside pocket that can protect valuables by closing with a zipper, which is a big help when you're coasting along in zero g! This backpack is perfect for all those space babes and alien boys out there, so jump into hyperdrive and grab yours today! 

Harajuku Runway

If we could describe Harajuku fashion in one word, it would be, EVERYTHING. Harajuku is not only a fashion style but it a majorly influencing culture worldwide! The Harajuku area in Japan is one of the fashion centers of the world.  Many styles that western countries find to be in trend, stemmed off or were even created by Harajuku Culture's ever changing styles. In Spellcraft's Harajuku Runway collection, you will find items that come from many different styles of Harajuku Street Fashion. Punk, Urban, Grunge, Goth, Cosplay, Glam, Theatrical, and so many more styles, it will make your head spin! Come take a look. We promise you won't be disappointed. 

Dark Harajuku Visual kei Punk Leggings

These Harajuku Dark Visual Kei Leggings are perfect for a grungy rock star look! The monochrome tones and scratch and withered design are sure to add some flare to any outfit. Pair it with a leather jacket and combat boots and you're ready to walk around with style and even more attitude.

Kaous Trappings   

This collection is purely made for the darker styles of western fashion. Kaous Trappings is greatly inspired by the occult, witchcraft and all the different Goth cultures. This Collection brings some dark styles like victorian goth, vintage, 80's Goth, nu goth, witch wear, ritual outerwear, and creeptastic otherworldly fashion. 

Crimson  Flight

This stylish tee will be your go-to top for every season. multi-tonal Crimson & black coloring give this t-shirt attitude. The design is eye-catching, but not too busy, leaving at real attention stealing to you! The simplistic t-shirt collar on this top provides enough comfort that it can be worn all day and even at work. Styled for all-season wear, it's a wicked choice since it can be worn as an extra layer, on its own, or with a nice leather jacket over it. Stay cool, comfortable and in style all summer long with this rockin' short sleeve shirt!

Kawaii-Chan's Closet 

Do you love pastel colors, adorable patterns, uber-feminine dresses with bows, lace, and frills? If yes, Kawaii-Chan has a closet full of items you will absolutely fall in love with! This collection has anything that can be considered apart of the Lighter side of Asian fashion and the American fashions inspired by them. This would include Sweet Lolita, Decora, Fairy Kei, Little Sister styles.

Super Magical Star Shine Princess

Every Magical girl needs her own home base. A place where she can relax for two seconds before the next dumb meany head comes to takeover the world. Take a peak into her magical land of pink clouds and daylight star shine. 🎀✨🔮💎💕

Kowai-Kun's Closet

Kowai-Kun's Closet has anything that can be considered apart of the DARKER side of Asian fashion and the American fashions inspired by them.  This would include goth lolita (goth princess), punk Lolita, dark decora, dark & goth harajuku, visual kei (glam rock/goth), dark fairy kei (evil little sister - dark fairy), pastel goth & Grunge! If you like any of those styles or aesthetics, Kowai-Kun has a closet full of apparel and accessories that you will kill for!  Find dark colors mixed with pastels, creepy-cute patterns, grungy texture patterns, punk vibes and much more! 

Astral High Unisex Platform Shoes

These Astral High Platforms will have you touching clouds and you stalk your way through another day! Give yourself the extra height so you can look down upon your enemies and those who envy your daring fashion styles! These shoes would be perfect for those who enjoy harajuku, gothic, lolita, club kid, rave, avant-garde, futuristic fashion styles & more! 

Get a pair of these amazing shoes no matter your gender identity! Astral High Platforms made for both masculine and feminine persons, these shoes run up to size 13!

Don't see a theme that features your personal style or has fashion styles you want to explore? Take a moment to write us a message, detailing what type of collection you would like to see! We love getting comments and suggestions and are always looking for new "beyond the norm" styles to add to our inventory! Thanks for reading! I 

The below collections are either in the works or do not have enough product selection to suggest a need for extended information. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. 

-Fantasy Dreams: A collection of vintage, dreamy and delicate fashions. Perfect for any Lady of the Seelie Court, a Princess from magical kingdom, and any creature who loves to cloak themselves in silks, cream tone pastels, satin, chiffon, and angelic apparel!

-Dystopian Rebel: A collection of fashions found in the dark future we all thought would be bright. If you are a rebel, ready to fight tooth and nail for your rights, no matter the cost. this collection gives you the clothing you need to protect your body from radiation and potions, sneak through the shadows of broken cities and hide your ready weapons and face from sight!  

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