SVH News | New Awesome Shipping Policies

We are so excited to share this wicked news with you all! SVH's management team has decided that: is now officially offering free shipping to USA, Mexico, & Canada!!!

There will still be paid shipping rate options available for orders being shipped to USA, Canada, & Mexico. While we still are unable to offer worldwide free shipping, International customers now can get free shipping on any orders over $200, paid options are also still available. 

Please keep in mind that many of our products are printed or created ONLY after you order the item. This means that it takes time to have the items made, then shipped. On average, processing time will take 3-10 days, depending on how busy our manufacturers are. Shipping times can take from 2-30 days, mostly depending on starting location of the package, your choice of shipping, and if the order has to go overseas. 

We are currently trying to find better options to help bring those wait times down that won't cause raised prices of our products. Be sure to look out for any news on that front!

Spellcraft will always notify you through every step in the process, as we know it's important that you are constantly informed. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about your order, or if you want a general estimate on the wait time for the item you want to buy. Many of the items in the Spellcraft Exclusive collection, give you processing and shipping estimate that may be helpful to you! 

Thank you all for reading! 

-Vail Hale & Co


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